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Startups Consulting

Help startups prepare for seed and funding.

Seed & Preseed

Pick up and represent only best projects to investors.

Best Projects

Best funding for best projects.

Planning & Collaboration

Collaborate with startups and investors after a strong plan.
Our Company Features

Our experience covers both investors and startups

We help startups find the funds they need and investors to pick the best startup opportunities by linking them together.

Financial Support
Documents Management
Business Consulting
We Are Wise Invest Solutions

We Connect Startups To Investors

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Projects World wide
We work on a limited amount of projects at a time to deliver the best service for both startups and investors.
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Investors & Funds
Large number of investors and funds increase the chances of finding the funds for your project.

You can also find Our Startup Form to contact us for consulting.

For Startups

As professionals we can prepare your startup company for funding. By filling the apply form bellow you can submit your project for financial aid by one of our investors. After filling and submitting the form we’ll contact you as soon as possible to discuss the next steps.

Funding Application Form

    Pitch deck in PDF format*

    For Investors

    Our investors will get the best projects carefully selected and prepared by our experienced team. This increases the chance of a bigger and sooner return of investment. We are more targeted to IT projects but we are not limited to them only. However, the projects we target are more or less in the area of modern technology.

    Our Team

    Ready Projects

    Accomodation Key Management KIOSK


    A complete platform for giving goods in a POS terminal. Features industrial machine parts, metal constructions, locks, POS payment, fiscal printing and controlling administrative web based and phone optimized software.

    Vending machine management system


    Venduza is an innovative real-time Monitoring and remote Management information system for vending machines.

    Fleet management system


    A real time location service fleet management platform. Geofencing, routing, reports and maintenance for vehicles. Applicable for the business, agriculture, security and insurance.

    JavaScript User interface library


    J&C Controls (or shortly JCC) is a HTML5/CSS3 based UI library.
    Its aim is to be used for web applications on various browsers and/or platforms. Main concept of JCC is to enhance your existing HTML-markup or a specific DOM-branch.

    Nearest taxi application


    A complete platform for searching the nearest cab within a region. Each cab has a GPS device or smartphone sending its location. When a user pins its location on the map first 5 nearest cabs are displayed so the user can pick the passing one. The system is similar to the popular UBER. 

    Projects / Partners / Represented

    About Us

    WiseInvest.me is funding platform connecting startups and investors. The company information behind WiseInvest is:


    Registration Date: 01.02.2012
    Registration Code: 12228688
    Address: Harju maakond, Kesklinna linnaosa, Lembitu tn 14-43, 10114 Tallinn, Estonia



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